Sustainability is VERY important to us!
All of our clothing pieces are made in our little solar powered studio in the Noosa Hinterland, QLD. 
All homewares that have been carefully selected are always high quality items that are made to last. 
All of our clothing pieces and home products are limited, made from natural fibres, and when they are ready to go back to the earth, they will biodegrade at a natural rate. For more information about our fabrics, head to Our Fabrics page.
All of our business cards are printed on recycled paper. We use minimal packing materials. Your order will come packed in recycled craft paper, tied with hemp string.
We ALWAYS use compostable shipping bags and encourage you to reuse the bag or compost it and lastly, if you do not have a compost bin or a need to re-use the bags are landfill friendly. We source our bags from an Aussie company, Hero Packing. Support Local businesses as much as possible!
If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can be more sustainable, head to our contact page or email us at