Our Story

 Sabali, meaning Patience, originates from the Bambara language in the country of Mali, Africa. This word struck a heart string with me because of the past and current direction the fashion industry has taken over the past 20 years.
After studying and working in the fashion industry for the last 10 years and I have observed the excessive waste, irresponsible marketing strategies and pressure it puts on the planet. 2/3rds of our clothing is now made from synthetic fibres which are petroleum based and essentially plastic meaning they take centuries to decompose, if at all! Every time you wash clothing made from synthetic fibres, micro plastics are shed, which eventually end up in the ocean.
As much as I have tried to pursue other paths, feeling disenchantment with this industry, it is my sole passion and the only thing I have ever wanted to do. I’m committed to creating an honest and responsible label that is designed based on the climate we live in, not solely on trends.
I have selected the highest quality natural fibres, European linen (Oeko tex standard 100- an independent certification, confirming no chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment have been used in production of these fabrics) and yet to come, GOTS (Global Organics Textile Standard) certified Hemp cotton blends.
These fabrics have been around for centuries and are comfortable, versatile, durable, better for the planet and our own health. I think of Sabali as a process in which I design, pattern draft, sew and photograph the vision of the design. This process requires time, patience and most of all, love of what you do.
Sabrina Holmes
Owner | Designer